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Hey guys,

My great, possibly great, grandpa gave me a shotgun that I am unable to find any info about. I'm unsure whether it is a 16 or 12 gauge. I do know however that there is no real serial number on it other than on the bottom it says "PC 961" and on the side it says "Shootmore." I do have pics that I will present below, if you have any info please email me at [email protected]. Thank you.


PIC 1:

PIC 2:

PIC 3:
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Typically made for any of a number of hardware stores is what I'm reading.

Is it a 16 or 12 gauge? Is it worth anything? Not that I would sell it I just want to know so I can possibly restore?
Found this on another forum.

"Gun is what I call a "Trade Brand Name" shotgun. A "Trade Brand Name" shotgun is a utility grade inexpensive but well made shotgun made by a major maker (and before 1940) for and was sold by a wholesale sporting goods dealer, a retail chain store or and independent seller who chose the name to go on the gun. According to my research, guns with the name SHOOTMORE were made by the Stevens Arms & Tool Company. Sorry but I have been unable to find out who might have sold the gun. Also there are no published serial number-year made tables for Stevens made guns but they did not start making "Trade Brand Name" shotguns until 1915 and as the gun was made before 1940. Given the dates known, the gun was likely designed and made to shoot 2 3/4 inch shells loaded with low pressure smokeless powder and lead shot. Since I can see the gun to determine its condition I have to recommend that it not be fired. But if you want to shoot it, please have it checked out by a good competent gunsmith before you do. Value? These guns were inexpensive even when new selling for between $10.00 and $15.00. They haven't appreciated much since. Current value will depend on the guns condition, the amount of original finish remaining on the metal and wood as well as the mechanical condition. A prime condition example (rare) that appears to have come out of the factory yesterday afternoon might bring as much as $80.00 at auction while a rusty metal, rottenor broken wood and missing parts piece of junk fit only for parts salvage or as a tent peg might fetch $10.00"
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I embedded your images by putting these tags around the image links:
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According to my research, guns with the name SHOOTMORE were made by the Stevens Arms & Tool Company.
Stevens did this a lot... and not just with shotguns. Dad has a couple of .22 squirrel rifles made by Stevens - one has Montgomery Ward on it, the other one has Sears on it... but both clearly made by Stevens.

X2 on having the gun checked out - $10-$20 well spent having it checked out by a competent gun smith. Nothing wrong with shooting old guns once they are checked out - I have an old British .303 (circa 1906) that will take down deer in a heartbeat - fantastic brush rifle. But you need to have it verified to ensure it's still a viable weapon.

Good luck!
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