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Shooting trap

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Do we have may trap shooters here?

My son is a freshman in Highschool this year and he is on the High schools trap team.

He had is first event today and its got me thinking about giving it a go

so the question is what is everyone shooting?

I should say I gave my 1100 to my son to use so this would be for me!
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i am far from a pro at it but i do enjoy shooting trap/skeet/clays when ever i can.
i shoot eather my 12ga Benelli Super Black Eagle or 20ga Benelli Montefeltro. ive shot over 400 rounds in each in one day with out any problems.

if your looking for a gun strickly for trap a nice over under might be better
That sure sounds like fun! My son shot one season of trap as a sophomore. Both of us absolutely loved it. There were a variety of guns used from Mossberg 500s and 870 Express to $6,000. trap guns that some of the more serious seniors (with rich dads) were using. My son used a CZ Mallard O/U mostly. He used my old Wingmaster too as an alternative.
I would just get a Remmy 11-87, or Mossy 930 or 935 (mag). I have a Mossy 930 Turkey model with the 26 in. barrel. It does the job for me. If you want to get serious about it, then get a higher end gun. If it's just for a entertaining weekend here and there, then just get a standard auto-loader.

if you dont want to spend a huge amount, look at the Stoeger condor line. owned by benelli/beretta but wont cost an arm and a leg. standard condor is around 400 or you can get the condor competition for around 650-700
thanks for you thoughts I do like the Super Black Eagles. anyone have time on a Benelli Vinci.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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