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shell question

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20ga Mossberg

have some Winchester "Double X Buckshot Loads" - box says "5 shells - 20 ga 3", 3 Buck (24 Pellets) Plastic Shotgun Shells"

is this the load (along with a couple of slug shells) that will be good for "nightstand" duty ? if not - suggestions - thank you
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In my opinion #3 buck will be just fine. Slugs probably would not be such a great idea if you live in a heavily populated area like an apartment building or a neighbor hood where you can hit your neighbors house with a rock from your yard or with family members in the home. Slugs tend to travel a long way through walls.
thanks for the reply - will save the slugs for the range
is your bbl marked for 3" shells?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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