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semi-auto shotgun Versamax, Maxus, Vinci....

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I am looking for a Semi-auto shotgun to buy. I have used my dad's 870, and would like to get a semi-auto first since I have access to his. I have looked around for the last few months, and discovered the more I look the less I seem to know. Every brand seems to have the best for one reason or another. I thought I would get a Vinci, and then one guy pointed out that grip is rather agressive and unless you have a good grip the trigger gaurd can hit your knuckles. I see the Super Vinci has a different grip, but also comes with a higher price tag. :( The versamax looks nice, but it's still new and has already had a recall, but I like the self adjusting port design. I have looked at this gun quite a bit, but I also don't know anyone who has used one. The salesman at the store gave the maxus a good review, he is a good guy and I have bought a few guns from him. His next gun is going to be a maxus. I also looked at the SX3, I like the coating and it feels like it will be rather durable, and the coating just feels good in my hand.

I will use it for shooting trap, no hunting plans, but you never know.

I know I am looking at higher end guns, and will be happy with any of them. I am curious if anyone has comments for or against any of them. I know there are also other good guns out there, and would be open to suggestions.

I am in no rush to get a shotgun, just doing my research so when I find a good deal, I will know it's the gun I want to buy.
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If you're just looking at trap, and possibly for hunting...really no reason to look at the 3.5" guns.

I've shot a Vinci...I like it. I prefer my M1S90, though. I do like inertia driven guns.

Heard a lot of good things about the SX3.
Don't overlook the Remington 1100. It's a great all-arounder, and will work very well for trap or whatever you need. Plus, it's far more affordable than many of the options you listed. I've had mine for a decade and love it. Check it out!
Got an SX3, but haven't had it to the range yet. Looks awesome, though, with a mag extender it's 11+1 and can fire as fast as an M2 machine gun. Imagine the wall of lead you can put up with that with 00 buck. Who needs full auto?
They are all good guns. You need to get whichever one fits you best. I was convinced I wanted the Browning Maxus, but it just did not come up right to my shoulder. I loved the Vinci, but use mine for goose and wanted the 3.5 which was not available at the time. I got a Benelli SBE II and love it. It is like an extension of my arm, comes up smooth, lines up perfect and swings beautifully.
Thanks guys for the info and opinions.

I haven't looked at the older, tried and true models. Salesmen always like to show the newest latest greatest. I'll have to check out the 1100 and M1/M2, if I look around I should be able to find a good used one. The diff in cost would buy a good amount of ammo.

11+1 in an SX3, that's a whole lot of lead. :cool:

Good point on how it comes up. That's the thing I need more familiarity with. The only thing I know is the 870, so I really don't have good comparison of how diff models feel. My dad's 870, in my opinion, isn't a perfect fit, but then my dad has a diff stature than I do and he has modified it to fit him. I need to get to a couple of shoots at my gun club and borrow a few guns to try out.

Thanks again
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