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Selling 870 - Considering Mossberg Semi-auto

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I'm selling my Remington 870 and looking into the Mossberg semi-auto's (930 variation) and would like anyone's thoughts.

My main reason is that the 870 just slams my cheek (I'm a lefty) and lately I've really wanted a semi-auto in my collection.

I like the ambidextrous safety and overall reviews on it, just thought I'd post this here to get your thoughts.

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The FN is a better gun but more $$$...
I shot a 930 Waterfowl with a 28" br this fall and really liked it. It was also a very nice looking gun with walnut stocks.

I am watching the FS ads, but the MSRP is more than twice that of my 870.
Keep the 870.
Why's that? It doesn't work well for me, just curious what the reasoning is.
If I still lived in MN I'd take the 870 off your hands, if it was a Wingmaster. I've had 4 and am down to 1 which belonged to my father. I just sold a skeet gun which I should have kept but never shot it.

I have a H&K Fabarm Camo Lion but don't know if it comes in LH. Get what you want but try to get something that is LH.

I get bit by SxS's, kept my BSS but sold the Parker Repro SSS - kind of wished I kept it now but that is a lot of money to have invested in a gun one doesn't like shooting. I pissed the money away anyway, although I did use some of it to buy the Camo Lion.

You might look at getting an U/O.
I've got a nice o/u for trap, just looking at something more lefty friendly for a home defense shotgun really... I have no issues with the 870 other than the reverse safety and the stock slapping me in the face. It's a solid gun, and a good shooter... I just want to try something else and have handled the Mossberg, feels good in the hands and easy to work.
...and have handled the Mossberg, feels good in the hands and easy to work.
That is an easy one.

It's the Mossberg 12 Gauge, American Black Walnut Stock, 26" Ported Field Barrel.

You can go cheaper if you like plastic. ;)
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