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Sears Model 21 Ted Williams

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Recently bought a Sears model 21 "Ted Williams" 20 guage sub model 583.2080. Appears to be a 1966 model made by High Standard. Best I can tell its a version of the K2011 Flite King, possibly a deluxe model. It has the ribbed barrel and a poly choke.
I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what the inlayed metal shield on the bottom of the stock used to say on it. Mine is all wore out and unreadable. Just a curiosity really. I should have taken a picture of mine for reference but here is a pic of the stock from a gun parts place ( the bottom stock in the picture) if you look closely you can see the inlay on the bottom of the stock. Thanks for any responses. TB

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take a pic of the cap anyway. it may stir my memory.
Thanks Bob, will post that tonight. TB
Here ya go bobski, a couple of pics of the emblem. Thanks again, TB

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correct term for that is a stock shield. and if remember, it was left to the owner to use for his own monogram and i.d.
i think it use to be a wreath that was left blank in the middle. wow. im going way back in my brain for i use to have one ages ago.
sorry i wasnt of much help.
Thanks bobski, your probably right. I guess engraving your name on the shield is better than across the reciever like I've seen. I've also seen SSN's engraved in the reciever lol, geeze. Thanks for the info. TB
I have 4 of these guns and they all are blank
Texas Blues
The stock shield in your photo is an aftermarket part intended for the owner to personalize their gun. It used to be stylish to put your initials on the stock shield.
From the photo this shield appears to be a soft metal (aluminum?)
The original engraving might well be worn off, may have been removed by a subsequent owner, or may never have been engraved.
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