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School Me on Saigas & AK Pistol Grip Conversion

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So, I've looked at Saiga shotguns over the last few years, and the two things that keep me from buying one are the bulk, and the fact that they are always a standard style stock. I recently noticed several people doing AK pistol grip conversions, and buttstock conversions. How is this done, and what level of difficulty is involved? I would use a CAA pistol grip, or similar, and either a Tapco side folder, or an AR style colapseable. I have also seen them with the AK furniture already in place, and wonder, are these compatable with aftermarket AK furniture? Also, is it just me, or are the barrels forever long on Saigas. I want 18" (shortest possible).

Also, I am considering this Saiga in .410, mostly because I'd imagine having a 20 round drum of 12 gauge to shoot would get heavy and painful. How is the recoil on these shotguns?
I have a 12 Gauge Mossberg 590 9 shot, but its got a Knoxx Spec Ops on it, and I haven't shot any other 12 gauges in years, lol.

Thanks in advance.
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Wow, didn't get much help here did ya? Check out

I did a conversion on my 7.62x39. The process is very similar (if not identical). It's not difficult at all. You can get away with just having a drill and a cold chisel, but other tools will make life a little easier (i.e. dremel tool). You can use any type of AK grip you want. I don't know if the shotguns apply to 922r compliance, but definitely read up on it (especially if you don't know what that is to begin with). Again, all that info can be found on the saiga forums. The conversions are amazing. I'd love to do a 12g before too long.

I can't imagine recoil is too bad- just about every semi out there is gonna have less recoil than a pump (with the exception of adding a specops stock). I personally wouldn't go the 410 route cause ammo is insanely expensive (typically double what 12g is most places). Good luck!

Edit: a quick look on the saiga forums, the shotguns also fall under the compliance laws. Basically you need to make sure you replace a certain number of parts with American made parts. It's all under the compliance section. Read and read again. Join up and ask questions there till you know the law backwards. Stay legal.
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You don't HAVE to use the drum on the 12! They have stick mags from 5, 8, 10 and maybe more. The drum is cool though. I have both a 12 & 410. The 410 is way more fun to shoot, hardly any recoil. The 12 isn't horrible, but it lets you know you shot something! The Saigas come in two lengths, shortest is 19.1" I think.

Most people prefer non-AR style furniture, but sometimes they aren't bad. I have an ACE folder, but some like Tromix. I'd also get a limbsaver pad or the full 1" pad from ACE for your shoulder. I'm not a good shotty shooter and the 12 always gives me bruises, even with the soft pad.

Be aware a good folding setup can run you $200+ just for the stock, pad, folding mechanism, and what's called an internal block. The block fits inside the rear of the receiver, stiffens the structure, and adds a place to bolt on the stock/folder mechanism.



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