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Scattergun/wilson or GG&G Side sling Mount

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Im looking at getting a side sling mount for my shotgun. Ive been looking around and think that I have it narrowed down to these two. Looking at them they both look the same, is there a difference between them? Anybody have any experience with either? If I have read correctly it should mount between the mag tube and the mag extension correct? Will this only mount so the loop is on the left side or is reversible?


Mossberg 590 & Remington 870 Front Sling Attachments - Remington 1100

Tactical Sling and Mounts

BTW i have the 870 with extended mag.
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Both are well made and basically the same so it doesn't matter which you choose.

The 870 has a short threaded mag tube end in which to screw a tube extension on. If you use the sling plate with a tube extension it will reduce the number of threads holding it on and you will need to use a mag clamp to help secure the tube extension.

This is not a problem with a 590 because it has a longer threaded end on the mag tube.

I have a GG&G on both my 870 and my 930 spx. They are reversible for both right and left hand use. They work just fine.
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