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ok so i got this gun from my grandfather when he died, but in 1968 my grandfather had the barrels welded shut. Its pretty cool the paperwork saying the gun has been deactivated is through the IRS since the ATF wasnt created until 1972.

well anyways i love how the gun looks and would really like a modern version of it. i have thought about getting the NFA tax stamp and re-activating it but its an old gun and i would only be able to shoot 2",2 1/4", 2 1/2" and 2 9/16" low pressure loads. all of those are expensive and hard to find. I want to be able to shoot at least 2 3/4", i would also like the option of shooting 3" sheels but thats not a big requirment since shooting 3" magnum shells in a short barreled pistol grip gun for more then a round or two starts to hurt

here are some pictures of it

here it is with my 14 " mossberg 590a1 AOW

here it is with my Damascus double that i also got from my grandfather

and last is a family shot with a few of my shotguns

the top one is a 870 Remington super-mag with a 19" vent rib barrel (i shot some 3.5" buck shot through it which is 2 1/4 ounce (just a hair under 1000 grains) and 18 OO buck pellets @ 1400 fps. VERY powerful rounds, that hurt like a b****)

second one is a mossberg 590a1 with a 14" heavy barrel

third is the double that is welded shut

fourth is the Damascus double barrel

sorry i got a bit sidetracked but back to the point. i want to build something like the short double barrel, but i havent had any luck finding a reasonably priced double barrel shotgun i can use. I would really appreciate some help finding something.

what im looking for
-wood stock, (preferably something i can buy an extra of so i can shoot it with the stock and without)
-i want one that has external hammers
-capable of shooting at least 2 3/4" ammo, preferably something that can shoot 3" also
i dont care if its used or new, but i just dont know what companies make them

and something that i dont have to sell a kidney to buy, plus i wouldnt want to cut up a really beautiful gun. A piece of art should not be cut up.

any advice would be appreciated. I also know i will have to file a form 1 (and pay $200) and wait a few months for the approved tax stamp before i can cut the barrel shorter then 18"
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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