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Saiga 12 Tactical

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Saiga 12 Tactical:
Quad rail
Folding stock
Eotech 552
1" Recoil pad

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Love the Saiga 12! Thanks for posting! (sucks when people post something and no ones says anything lol)
Nice conversion. Did you do the work on it yourself?
No, I just got it from Atlantic Firearms on a trade.

It shoots very well with 00 buck it it prefers Winchester PDX1. It's actually pleasant to shoot. I'll try shooting slugs this weekend. I'm excited.


Shooting 1 oz Slug.

daddy like! Looks like a good weapon. I plan on getting one eventually myself. Personally I'd like to have one with a wood stock and handguard though with that deep red finish....
I like these over a ksg or something. Some say that you cant put in a slug if you need to...I say I'll just keep putting pellets down range!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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