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saiga 12 or vepr 12?

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anybody tested a vepr 12? which is better quality?which kicks harder etc.. reviews anybody?
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If you can find a Vepr12, buy it!
Better overall fit, finish & far less chance of any Vodka Special problems.
They're very highly sought after.

That said, a well tuned Saiga12 is a [email protected]@a$$ed semi-auto shotgun!
Mine eats everything but Winchester Universal bulk.
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^What he said.

Or better yet get one of each...

...and my S12 even ate that white box crap straight out of the box :D
whatever you can afford man. my saiga hated cheap shells at first, but 50 in mods and it will eat everything now. of course i spent a few hundred more on other stuff (folding skeleton stock, aluminum forend, front and rear grips, trigger, etc..)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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