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S&W customer service was no help with parts. Briley & Carlson didn't have the sizes. OD over threads is .770". Pitch looks metric like 1.25 mm. Length is 2.155"

I would appreciate if someone has this model to measure their chokes or see if there is a name on them.

Thank you in advance for the help.

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Welcome from Florida! I was not aware that a different company made the Elite Silver. I have the Elite Gold SxS made by AKUS and it came with fixed chokes. I learn something new everyday. When S&W cancelled the AKUS, it went on to become the Dickinson sold by Cabelas. perhaps your Elite Silver also went that route? Might try a call and even if Cabela's doesn't have them, they might be abe to give you the warranty repair center who might at least have that info. Otherwise, your best bet will be to send the barrels to Briley and have them make you some custom chokes. While expensive, they will each match the exact diameter of each barrel.
The Dickinson site shows several O/U with thinwall chokes.

See if they can help or at least have the info you're seeking:


[email protected]

+1 (805) 978 – 8565 phone

+1 (805) 978 – 8564 fax

5140 Commerce Ave. Unit A&B
Moorpark CA 93021
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