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Rescued this bad jackson from the pawn shop today.

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Mossberg 500A.

Don't know the year. I know it's pre 1970 because it has the single action bar. It also does not have a serial number. Possibly pre 1968 gun control act due to the no S/N? Gonna do some more research and find out more about it.

Got a neat little "swirl" pattern on the bolt.

Only markings on it besides the barrel.

It's been used pretty hard. But nothing major. A few scratches here and there.

Cleaned it up nice. (It was filthy inside the mechanisms) added some furniture polish to the wood, and it's good to go.
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Nice find, love those old shotguns.... Looks like a keeper.
nice find!! what it set you back?

I have the same thing except it says Montgomery Wards. 28" select a choke vented rib 12ga 3" mag. I have shot a lot of pheasants and quail with it. Still works great!
Took the beast out yesterday.

Ran a bunch of birdshot through it and about 15 00 buck.

Works great. Not one problem.

Almost forgot. Put 150 more rounds through the XDm. I fawking love 'em both. Thinking about switching from carrying my revolver to carrying the XD.
Congrats, what an awesome find!
Thats an anti-zombie gun if I'd ever seen one. Kind of reminds me of the origional Doom games
That is one sweet weapon. And what a price!! Good for you.

Semper Fi8)

XD .45 service
XD .40 service
XDm .40 3.8
DB .380
Damn I'm gonna have to start checking pawn shops more often. looks like you got a great deal on a nice shotty.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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