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Remington Model 870 SS Synthetic Turkey

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I was looking at the Remington Model 870 SS Synthetic Turkey shotgun and it looks pretty nice....I was wondering if anyone had anything to say about it specifically or rem mod 870's in general....also how does it preform on doves?
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Hey Jordan, I can't comment specifically on the Turkey shotgun you mentioned but we do have a couple of other 870s and we like them a lot. With millions of happy 870 owners over the decades I think the 870 has established itself as a great value in a good dependable pump shotgun. Hard to see where you could go wrong with an 870.

A synthetic turkey? Is it made from soy?:confused:
Hagh! Everyone knows synthetic turkeys are made of rubber!
The R-870 has long been the benchmark for the pump S/G, hearsay is the latest 870's quality is not as good as the older models, most of the complaints are about the quality and finish of the wood stocks, not the mechanical hardware. Comparing the stocks of my 60-70's era 870 to the newer models there is no doubt the older versions have better wood stocks. That is common with most S/G's today attempting to compete at the lower price-points.
Synthetic stocks bypasses the wood quality issue while providing better functionality for hunters in the field. The downside is synthetic materials are denser and heavier than wood, they lack aesthetic appeal.
The newer models down doves just like the old ones....
Hagh! Everyone knows synthetic turkeys are made of rubber!

Do you use a special load to penetrate that rubber turkey? :D
I've got a rubber chicken somewhere around here, but no rubber turkey.
I suspect I am the real turkey around here.
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