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Remington 870 Tacticool question

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i have an idea for the look im wanting for an 870 and curious if anyone has or seen an 870 with the accessory combination im looking for maybe even a pic?

870 Express Synthetic 18" Barrel or similar
Magpul MOE Forend
Magpul SGA Stock
Rhino Rail System

would think this would look pretty sick together with some nice sights and be a real nice go to gun for home defense

hoping for pics but thanks for reading:D
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Tacticool 870

I was thinking of doing something like that as well. If you check out Magpul's Facebook page they posted something like that with desert tan furniture and that looks AWESOME. There is an example of the black on black in my attachment. I am actually thinking of placing an order fairly soon after seeing the few examples I have.
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looks good with the Magpul attachments. now i would like to see an added Rhino Rail System with the Magpul furniture.
We've been joking about this for months.

We were saying that stock looks like something out of a video game, and with the rhino rail, it's just the icing on the cake. Make sure before you buy it, that the stock is comfortable, to me it looks like it's totally wrong, it's gonna beat the heck out of your cheek. Saw a pic of it from the shot show with the lowest rise cheek piece on it. It still looks all wrong from a comfort standpoint. Maybe I'm wrong, wish I could check it out for myself. Looks like it would make a good club for when you run out of ammo.

If you put it together, make sure to post some pics!
Yeah I didn't like the magpul 870 parts it looks to plastic airsoft for me... Get a knoxx man.. You'll like, the recoil reduction alot better.. just my 2¢

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both of you have great points, would not mind getting a feel for them first thats for sure. im a pretty big guy and can take a beating but comfort is most important without a doubt
One thing I like about the Magpul stock is the fact that it has the length of pull plate adjusters. Which comes in handy for me at almost 6' 8". I do see what Deer Slayer was saying about the possibility of the uncomfortable cheek weld.
There are a LOT of adjustable stocks out there.

The knoxx is adjustable, and there are a bunch of others. If you're going to spend that much $$ on a stock, it should be comfortable. I like a conventional pistol grip buttstock myself, those AR style adjustables have too many sharp edges, and too much to get hung up on clothing.
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