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Remington 870 tactical paintjob

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So the parkerized finish on my new 870 was attracting alot of rust so I decided to put a new coat of paint on her. I didnt get as many pictures as I would liked but between the beer and the wife I was lucky to have finished this job at all. Heres what I used:

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-Any type of paint thinner or acetone will work. I used the skin friendly kind.

-One can of Krylon camoflage ultra flat black

-One can of rustoleum ultra flat army green

-One sheet of 320 grit sand paper

-Two or three rags

-Painters tape

Optional: I used wire coat hangers to hang my parts while I painted them and it was easy for them to dry evenly.

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Disassemble the shotgun and identify the parts on the gun that you do not want painted. For me it was the front bead sight, the chamber and action, inside the barrel, and the trigger set. Use the painters tape to mask this off. I also used paper towels for inside the barrel.

View attachment 9709

As they say with just about everything you paint its all in the preperation. I took my 320 grit sandpaper aand LIGHTLY sanded the parkerized finish off of my gun. I then took the paint thinner and wiped down all of the metal parts to remove all the grease, dirt, oil, fouling, and everything else that would prevent the paint from sticking.

I wanted the army green for the primary color so for the barrel, magazine tube, and action I applyed 2 coats of black and then 2 coats of the army green. I then hung the parts on my clothes hangers to dry for an hour between coats.

View attachment 9711

All in all I think it turned out real well. The krylon and rustoleum are garunteed not to chip if you let the paint dry undisturbed for 7 days. If you choose not to use the coat hangers be careful when handling the parts before they are fully dry because the black will easily transfer to the green. Thanks hope this helps anyone looking to travel down the same path I just did.
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if my wasr keeps acting up with the rust where the black should be it'll get the same treatment. *eyes my cans of paint then stares at the wasr accusingly*

seriously though. looks good.
Heres a little better pic. The green looks brighter because of the flash.
the flash makes it look coyote tan rather than green. still looks cool though.
Here's you badge. Now it's official!

;) :twisted: :mrgreen:

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Hmmmm. Now I have to do my carbine. I have a can of copper hammer tone that I think will look cool on a rifle.

Angry Panda Poon Rawrrrrrr!!!
Man that's awesome. Just need the stock done ;)
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