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Remington 870 excessive forend travel

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Since I got my Remington 870, I have noticed there seems to be excessive travel/movement in the forend. When the chamber is empty, I can start sliding the forend back about 1/2" before it catches and actually starts to draw back the bolt. Once a shell is chambered, and on subsequent pumps, it is fine and there is is no excess travel. And I only know that this doesn't seem normal because I have two friends with 870s that the forend does not move like this.

Is there some sort of adjustment that I can make or does it need repair?
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The two 870 Expresses I have here have about 1/4" of that movement. One of those is a 2005 model express magnum and the other is a 2008 model 870 (no express or magnum markings). The third one is an older 870 Express Super Magnum and has no "play" in it whatsoever. All have had some polishing done to the bolt, slide rails, etc.
Try tightening the fore-end nut as they seem to loosten occasionally. It will require stripping of your gun - remove the barrel, slide the pump forward, reach in the bottom of the reciever and push the little bars to the sides, slide off the fore-end and tighten the nut inside of it. Thats my best guess, dunno for sure though
I'm pretty sure that is normal. Mine has a bit of travel in the action before it catches and moves the bolt (on an empty chamber). Maybe some one else can correct me if I'm wrong, but so far mine hasn't seemed any worse for it.
The only reason I feel like it's not normal is because I have three friends with (older) 870s and none of theirs do it.

It's not that big of a deal, but I wanted to see if that's common. The only time it causes any sort of issue is if the shotgun is completely empty and I hold it up to load it, more often than not, the forend is not all the way forward and the magazine tube won't take the shell. So then I have to move my hand back to the forend, push the forend forward, and come back to load it, which is just kind of annoying.

Remington support just recommended I ship it in for inspection. But I don't want to waste my time and money if it's something that's normal on these guns.
the one on my express has a bit of wiggle to it, a little side to side and just a little vertical motion.

I will try what red baron suggested to tighten the sucker up.
I took my 870 tactical apart tonight and checked what RedBaron was saying. While I'm not discounting his input, the foreend nut on mine was tight. After putting it all back together again, I did a function check to make sure all was well. It was but, as stated earlier, the action still moves about a half to three quarters of an inch before engaging the bolt on an empty chamber. I'm no expert on this but, I think it's normal for that slack to be there prior to bolt lockup. By all means, correct me if I'm wrong here.
My wingmaster does have some slack, not near as bad as my mossberg as it has like an extra 1/4" space for the bolt to ride in on the action bars. Hell it's been so long since i've had the remington apart I dont remember how the bolt rides on the action bars on it. I've never really pondered it in my head why they leave a little slack in the action as i've just always thought it was normal. My friend had mentioned the nut on his express loostening a few times and my mossberg had by the time I dissassmbled the stock on it. After my first few weeks shooting clays and stuff, I got in the habit of racking the pump basically as hard as I could without leaving my shoulder, especially on the mossberg as it's not as smooth as the wingmaster, so I don't really notice the play on them so bad unless i'm deer hunting and i've got 7 hours in the woods to stare at my gun and ponder. It's odd that some of them seem to be different than others in the same brand. My friends new tactical 870 pumps so beautifully it's scary, while my wingmaster I would list as very good, and my friends express would be more like a "good". Though i've never really paid attention to the distance to start opening on any of them as much as my mossberg.
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My 870 Express also has slight vertical and horizontal wobble, as well as a decent amount of play in forend travel. It was like that when I bought it new almost 20 years ago and after jacking with it for years and changing forends and various parts, I've come to accept that this is normal. It doesn't seem to affect shooting in any way. I wouldn't worry about it.
RB 46 Remington 870 excessive forend travel

I think what you are experiencing is the action bar moving under
the bolt. This is necessary to allow the bolt to unlock from the
barrel extension.
Well I'm glad to hear that it is normal at least on a good portion of 870s. I was just alarmed when only mine did it of the three 870s I've shot.

But as you guys have noted, it doesn't really cause a problem shooting. And the minor annoyance in having to take a second to push the forend forward when loading is just that, a minor annoyance. I don't think it's worth the time or money involved in shipping it in for repair. Especially when they probably won't be able to "repair" anything.
As an 870 gets broken in the ejector gets bent down and this is what makes the action easier pump and have play up too the first 1" when pumping. This is normal and a slick easy to work action is a good thing in my opinion. There is no play when the hammer is cocked because the action lock is engaged. When I do an action job on an 870 I always bend down the ejector a little. Unless you know what you are doing I wouldn't mess with the ejector because it is costly to replace and it will damage the receiver finish having it replaced.

I just got a brand new remingtong 870 and it has a 1/2-1 inch pump slide action travel slip. Is that normal? I don't know if that's the actuall terminology for it but any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks...
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