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Remington 1100

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Looking to pick up an 1100. Its always been my experience that the older guns are generally better. Better built, better looking ect compared to thier new counterparts. Would the 1100 fall into that same description? I've never owned an 1100, but have held a few (older ones) at gun shows. In your opinion, should I look for a slightly older model? I would tend to do this anyway, but was there a cut off date/year where they started to decline in quality? Thanks, TB
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I don't know much about the newer 1100's, but I have an 1100 that I got new in the mid 70's and it has preformed flawlessly. I keep it cleaned and lubed, and it still looks new. I bought my son one of the same vintage, and he loves his as well. Mine is a 28" modified, and my son's is a 30" full, but back in the day, I bought us both 26" Rem choke barrels, which we use. Great guns!
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