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Remington 1100 Questions

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I found a decent deal on a used 18" 1100 Tactical 12ga. I have never owned a shotgun and never messed with a semi auto one before. Basically, besides the action and bore, I don't know what to look for when buying a used semi auto scatter gun. Any advice? The place I'm getting it from doesn't have a range so I can't shoot it first. It's the same exact thing as the one pictured below.


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My 1100 has been completely reliable. How much is it first off. You can find them pretty cheap in pawn shops etc.
The only thing you ever really have to replace to keep an 1100 running are the gas seals. Basically, they're just rubber o-rings, and they cost about $2 (maybe). I replace mine once a year whether they need it or not. Unless it was just a lemon from the factory (doubtful), that should be about all you need to do besides cleaning and oiling it.

I have three 1100 12ga shotguns. One from 1963, one from 1978 and one from 2008. All of them run like tops with little other than regular cleaning.

It's at a pawn shop. They're wanting $450 and it comes with this...
LaserMax: Laser/Tactical Light for Shotguns
Not sure if I like that light/laser combo or not but I'm sure I could easily sell it.
BTW - The shotgun you pictured is a TAC-2 Remington 1100. If that is indeed what you're buying for $450, that is a HELL-UV-A deal! The TAC-2 is a $700+ shotgun new.
I have an 1100 12 gauge and it's been supremely reliable for me. I've hunted everything from squirrel to deer with it for almost a decade, and 3 generations of hunters in my family have carried it afield. I've also shot quite a lot of trap with it (as much as 3000 rounds per year for several years). Buy one and you won't regret it.
I picked it up today. I decided that I don't like the Lasermax at all really. The gun didn't come with the stock extension tube clamp. Where could I get one?

On to the crappy pics.

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Thanks, I've put around a 100 shells through it so far without issues. Mostly those Winchester Super Target shells and a few Remington 00 buck. The next time out I'm going to grab some weak shells to see what it takes to jam this thing up.

Lastly, every where I look is out of 870/1100 parts. Having trouble finding a decent magazine clamp with a swivel, DMW easy loader and DMW bolt handle. Any tips?
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