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Remington 1100 not ejecting properly

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I have an older 1100 I guess 50's model my grandpa bought it. I can shoot the cheapest anything light load shell in it and it slings them out great a little far even about 5 to 6 feet most times. So I don't understand why both of my brothers in law and 2 uncles have newer 1100s and have to shoot remington shells when shooting dove rounds. I tend to shoot winchester heavy dove because theyre alot cheaper here and have no problem, but if they shoot the winchester heavy dove they will not fully eject the round and the gun jams every shot. I have asked if they are cleaning the gas ports properly and they say they are but this just doesn't seem right to me. I am tempted to clean the gun myself and then try it. Anybody have any input?
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Dunno I think i've heard that newer 1100s have a different gas port setup than the older ones. Don't really know - all my barrels have two small holes on my 75ish 1100. I'm sure somebody much smarter will correct me very soon after I post. I do know my gun so far will cycle the lightest 2 3/4 shells I can find no problem
Do the other 1100s have the 3" chamber? if so they probably will not run with the light loads. 1100s barrels set up for 2.75" shells have two gas ports and the three inch barrels only have one and will only run with heavy 2.75" and 3" shells. You only said they were newer and did not say how they were chambered.
I didnt know to check for the chambering like that so next chance i get my hands on one of them ( hopefully this weekend) i will look and see.
A good thing to check is the O ring seal. O rings are cheap and easy to get. I replace mine occasionally . Then clean the gas ports (mine has 2). Also clean well where the O ring seals against the mag tube and the barrel. I try to put the slots on the piston rings(that may not be what they are called) on opposing sides . Make sure they are on correctly too . Meaning not upside down and fit together the way they are supposed to be.
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