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remington 11-87 take down help

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ok so ive done lots of detail strips on my guns ( every single gun i own gets a detail strip before i shoot it)

well my friend has a 11-87 that is in need of a really good cleaning. and yes i know that a field strip might be enough but when i clean my guns or other for them i like to take it all down and clean it. i dont detail strip every time i clean but this thing is terrible and a full detail strip would be beneficial to it

the problem is i cant find any instructions on how to take it down compleatly. all i can find is field strip info.

im pretty sure i can do it without instructions but since its not my gun i would like to at least know what im supposed to do before hand.
please no lectures on how a detail strip is pointless im not looking a debate on if its needed or not, all im looking for is a full stip guide or any advice on how to do it.

and i did a search online but was unable to find what i need
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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