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Just bought a Remington 11-87 super-mag that was new in box and never fired about a week ago. After taking it out and shooting some 3.5's through it (which it cycled flawlessly), I went to the trap range and of course the 1 1/8 oz 3 dram loads wouldn't eject (gun didn't come with the barrel seal activator) and I didn't expect it to.
The bolt would jam shut after firing and I would have to hold the operating handle down and smack the stock on the cement and it would come open and eject the shell. After about 50 rounds of doing this, it finally starting ejecting the shells fine for the last 25 rounds..

I came home and cleaned the firearm well, pulled trigger assembly out etc. Put the gun back together and was loading some rounds in and cycling them to make sure everything was functioning. I notice when the bolt is open, if i smack the side of the receiver or aggressively throw a round in the chamber, the bolt will throw itself closed. I also notice if I load the gun with 1 shell in the chamber and 1 or 2 in the magazine, if I rack the operating handle back hard, it will eject the shell and load the next round from the magazine into the chamber. This is different then my 1187 3' magnum gun as you have to rack the handle and depress the latch on the bottom each and every time you need to load a round from the mag into the chamber.

I tore down my 1187 magnum and put the trigger assemblies side by side I noticed 1 difference in what I think is the carrier latch (item 24 on the 1187 parts list diagram that came with the gun), it looks like a "H" piece with a slot in the middle of it. On the 1187 magnum, there was another piece (my eyes can't see what it is on the parts list) actually has a tab that locks into that slot on the carrier latch. On the super mag trigger assembly, that tab is setting below the slot in the carrier latch. I am wondering if that is the issue on why the bolt will close with any type of hard pressure on the side of the receiver or by throwing a shell into the open chamber? if I just gently put a shell in there, the bolt stays open and closes normally when depressing the carrier lever.
The gun shoots flawlessly now, no jams and cycles everything fine, but the fact that it will close the bolt without depressing the latch on the carrier is kind of concerning.
I don't think the gun will misfire but it could close on your fingers if your not careful when loading rounds into a open chamber.
I don't know what year it was made. Serial number is SM006943.
Thanks for any advice you can give
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