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Refinishing a wood stock

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Refinishing a wood stock???

I recently picked up a security style wood stock for my mossberg 500 off of ebay.

I stripped it and sanded it, and decided to use minwax cherry stain (1 application), and a Minwax spray on polyurethane (8 coats). I let my uncle do the poly as spraying stuff isn't really in my skill set. He did a good job but i'd still like to get it a little smoother. (has a little orange peel)

Would using a really fine sand paper and hand buffing the stock afterwords be a bad idea?

Wood working is kinda new to me, i've spent alot of time with aluminum and magnesium and such but i've never tried to smooth out a sprayed on finish. If possible i'd like to avoid spraying again because honestly, I don't think I could do any better than it already is.

Thanks for any help
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Try a really fine steel wool. I've done that on some night stands I've built. Turned out great!

From my wood experience, I have a couple opinions. I would ask if your intent is to have a stock so shiny that you can see your face in? (Don't quote me but I think a lacquer might help.) However, if this is gonna be a field used stock and looks don't matter, 8 coats of poly is perfect. Instead of a sandpaper, I would suggest a very very fine steel wool. That always seemed to do a better job in my humble opinion. Then, if you still aren't satisfied, try buffing it with an old tshirt or soft rag with a little furniture polish/oil. The steel wool will make it smooth but still give it a little traction. The oil will make it a little more slippery. Depends on what you want. Let us know what you did and the results. :)
Well originally I wasn't planning on going so shiny with it, but the wood ended up looking so darn beautiful with the stain I ended up using, that I felt bad not showing it off with a nice deep gloss. Other than the orange peel I am thrilled with the outcome, and the orange peel is so minor i'm still debating on messing with it. Tomorrow I guess i'll throw on a pic of the buttstock and ask everyone if they think I should continue or just leave it as is. It's so close to right that it's almost not worth screwing it up over. Thanks for the advice guys. I'll try to get a pic up for opinions tomorrow. I almost wish I had picked up woodworking as my trade(like the rest of my family), it's so much less frustrating than working on bikes - oh yeah, field use, zombie head smashing use, and general, look what I can do! usage

Well i've just decided to leave it as is. It looks good enough for killing with and i'm happy. Thanks for the advice anyway guys
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Dude, if you tried to do anymore to it besides the steel wool, you would be wrecking a masterpiece. :) You can't really get it much better than that.
Here's the finished forarm and buttstock installed. Also installed a Scattergun Technologies follower for the older remingtons while I was at it. The picture makes it look a little muddy and not matching but in person it looks just right. I was wanting an alternate stock to use other than my synthetic one but I may just use this one full time now! The LOP is about half an inch shorter too, it seems to shoulder a little nicer. Now I gotta get a limbsaver pad to fit this stock, it never ends...

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