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Received a special Christmas present this year

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Short backstory: my dad passed in 2004 when I was 15, so life was kinda hard for a while, but got through it.

Anyway, this year for Christmas, I talked to my brother-in-law and got my nephew a 100 round box of 2-3/4" 12ga birdshot to shoot clays and whatnot with. Christmas morning rolls around, I get told by BIL he's got a 20ga... F'ING GREAT!! There's no returning of ammo, so I told him I'd buy him another box of 20ga and use the 12ga box as incentive to finally get myself a shotgun. Been wanting one for a while anyway.

Well, Dad had a collection of guns in his closet in their bedroom that hadn't been touched for at least 15 years or more before he died, and then never moved afterwards. I've asked constantly to get them cleaned up and checked out just to have on display in our den area. Mom would always say no, just to leave them be. Well, this morning, for whatever reason, she said "Son, I think your daddy had a couple of 12ga's in that closet... go get them and bring them out here."

So at 23, I turn into a 5 year old again, and go with my nephew to gather the guns from the closet. There's an old .22, a .410, some other rifle, and there were 2 12ga's in there. Mom said "One of those is named 'JC', son, that one's yours. Nic can have the other one." My nephew ended up with a pump-action Savage that looks to be in really good condition.

I ended up with a JC Higgins Model 20. One of the old shotguns that Sears and Roebuck used to sell when they were worth a damn. Thing's seen better days, but it still fires like a champ. Let a guy from work check it out before I fired it. Ran through just over 100 rounds excellent. Slide hesitated a couple of times, and it had some issues ejecting spent shells. I'll prob take it to the gun shop up town and let them do some work on it to bring it back. Once that happens, probably mount it on the wall and take it down for Christmas every year.

Hell of a holiday this year guys, finally got something I REALLY wanted, and it didn't cost a thing.

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That's an excellent story. Keep that JC and cherish it as long as you can. It will be an awesome heirloom to pass on to your kids.
Best part about it, JC = my initials. Jonathan C.

Better part, JC = dad's initals. John C.

Kinda fitting, and I freakin' love it.
Good deal for you, nice story. Nothing better then having one passed down to you makes it feel extra special regardless of condition. One of my favorite shotguns in a 1896 single shot 16 ga from a company called bridge gun company, was my great great gpa's, still shot it quite often. Keep the JC and take care of it and maybe your kids will get to enjoy it too.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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