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re-assembly of the Model 12

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I inherited an old Model 12 recently. I needed some serous work so I stripped it down. I can usually put things back together if I can see how they came apart. However, this little spring just fell out of the receiver when I removed the trigger group. For the life of me, I can't see where it should go. :mad: The published exploded view shows it as part of the receiver, but not where.

Check out the image.


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how about a left right end view too.
This is it, guys. It's just a simple flat leaf spring -- 'looks the same from any angle. After more careful examination, it is NOT in the exploded parts diagram of the model 12. Could this be an aftermarket addition by some previous gunsmith? According to a friend, only two parts should not be attached to the bolt (and possibly fall out) in the receiver: the shell stop and the bolt retaining spring. They are accounted for.
Found it! It is an aftermarket part, but not in the receiver. It goes under the forearm grip to keep the slide from rattling. How did it get into the receiver I wonder...
ok ok ...i see it now. its the mag tube tensioner. is it real thin? it goes under the mag tube hanger up front. when you take down your bbl, and slide the forearm forward, it acts as a buffer to keep the forearm cap from hitting the mage tube hanger.

i bet i know what happened. when the gun was broken down and the bbl was removed, it fell off and dropped into the front of the exposed receiver and jammed in there.

the part that looks like an arrow, is what keeps in place under the hanger. if that hanger loosens, it can slip out, and it appears it did.

by the way, its not aftermarket! all M12's have one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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