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ranger double barrel 12ga info

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I just received a Ranger double barrel 12ga and I am trying to find out some info on it. The only markings on the gun are Ranger, patten pending and proof steel it has a single gold trigger. I will post some pics later after I get power back. Until then can anyone help me out? I'm looking for who made it, where the serial number is and a ball park on price for insurance not sale. Thanks ahead of time.
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I'm thinking Ranger was a Sears store brand. Not sure who actually made it though.
Ranger shotguns were made for Sears & Roebuck. Some were made by the Savage- Stevens Co. and others were made by the Hunter Arms Corp, who also made the LC Smith Shotguns. I've read that the if the bottom of the receiver has a removable trigger plate then it was made by Hunter and if it has no trigger plate then it was made by Stevens. Their value is likely some where around $450 for insurance purposes depending on condition and maker. I believe most of these guns predate WWII.
Im lookin for schematic on the ranger side by side double barrel shotgun. Could anybody point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. thanks rickstringer my e-mail rickmca[email protected]
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