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rabbit hunting

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That's a nice fat cotton tail.Good for you kid.What is that an H&R topper?

Back in my younger days I used to love to rabbit hunt with beagle hounds.I had two good dogs that were brother and sister.They worked really well together.The female, Lady had the best nose and she would stay steady on a trail.The male,Man would over run his nose because he wanted to run to fast.I remember listening to them run a bunny and you could hear Man way out in front of Lady just a getting it and all of a sudden he would quit bawling and get real quiet because he had over run his nose and lost the trail.All the wile you could hear Lady steady on the trail until she caught up to Man and then he would pick up the trail again and off he'd go bawling the jack until he over run his nose again.And that's the way it went until the bunny made the circle and was bagged or slipped away through us.
I have had lots of fun hunting rabbits with good dogs and good friends.There is nothing like getting out in the woods and fields and listening to a pack of beagles chasing a bunny in your direction.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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