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Question for those with Knoxx pistol stock and slings

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Specifically for the 870 (if there's a difference) Is it designed to accept a sling, i.e. does it have a stud, or would I need to drill/tap into the stock for the stud? Thank you!!!
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it has the stud and it is the best darn thing I ever bought for my 870.

You will not be sorry.
My 870 setup for Deer Hunting with Slugs has the Knox Stock and it is awesome. Quite amazing how well it works.

I heard that the propak or powepak (whatever it's called) that you can get separately really helps with cheek slap. It's the bad things I hear about cheek slap that have kept me from this.
Works great with my sling.

If you buy the optional saddle, don't bother to install the earplug/battery holder module.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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