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Just an afterthought--if the tang screw from the bottom was carried through to the upper tang as you suggest, would not it have to go through the action spring housing tube? Been awhile since I worked on my Savage 720 4575wcf custom fitted bird killing machine ; ). That rounded pistol grip certainly speaks Browning.
When I said in my pic "Goes to top tang too?", I should have worded that more clearly. I meant the same type of threaded pin or screw might also go to the top tang and added the question mark because we can't see a view of a threaded pin or screw securing the top tang . I did not mean that the bottom threaded pin or screw would be used to secure both tangs, because as you observed, the bolt's recoil spring housing would be between the two tangs and in the way for any pin or screw going through to both tangs. I would guess there is a screw on the top of the stock that we can't see in the photos going down and threaded into the upper tang.

In my post preceding my last post, I said: "In this below pic, we see what could be a screw going up through the wood and possibly into non factory threads of the lower tang. We don't have a pic of the top of the stock to receiver area, but there could possibly be a recessed screw head there going to the top tang."

So I made it clear in that text, but I should have been more clear in the photo shopped pic red text.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts