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Pistol grip

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Is a pistol grip shotgun with 18 1/2 barrel legal ? or do i need special permit?
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I think it will depend on your state's laws. Have you checked there yet?
I don't know about Kansas. Here in Oregon 18" is the legal minimum length and it doesn't matter if you have a pistol grip. I just installed a pistol grip/buttstock on my 870 yesterday in fact lol.
in MD barrel has to be 18 and total has to be atleast 26. most likely putting a pistol grip on a 18.5 will keep it over 26 still
Keep this in mind! I don't know if you all knew this, or what shotgun you're putting a pistol grip on, but an H&R with an 18.5" barrel is less than 26" with a pistol grip. Whoops! I found this out after I cut mine down. However, my 870 is enough with a pistol grip, and I sure wouldn't want to shoot a Pardner without a buttstock.
I have spoken to a long time game warden about that very same question. I have a 18 in. tactical 870. If it came from the factory that way you should be fine. He told me about a guy hunting with a rifle that had a14 in. bbl that he had to let go because it was built that way stock! You should ask a LEO or Warden though.
Legal? Yes.

PGO pain in the arse? Yes. (the 'O' is stressed)
You should ask a LEO or Warden though.
This has got to be the worst piece of advice I've seen given out on forums (not to worry, you're not the first to do so, and won't be the last).

LEOs are not required to give honest answers (some of them don't know, some of them make stuff up so as not to look ignorant, and some of them give information so as to create an illegality they can arrest for). This has been upheld in court, sadly enough.

If you want to "ask an LEO" about a law, ask your local district attorney - they're the ones that are going to prosecute you.

Better yet, hire a lawyer.
Is a pistol grip shotgun with 18 1/2 barrel legal ? or do i need special permit?
nitrofish why do you not like your teeth? the beak style grip or whatever its called the one that follows the curve of the shotgun, makes it a little longer and supposedly more maneageable.

IMO if you really wnat compact get a foldover/sidefolder.

and the legality of originally under 26 thing is because I'd assume it predated the law.
I'm kinda partial to the bantam stocks...but really, a full buttstock is where it's at...

fire a pistol grip with your wrist a little crooked and you'll soon understand why :)

I can't speak for all states, but most follow the rules the ATF posts.

has to be overall of 26" and an 18.5" barrel.

go to a local shop and see if they're selling some pistol grip guns :)
Winchester 1300 Defender has 18" and comes with an optional pistol grip.
Mossberg 500 Cruiser has 18.5 with a pistol grip.
Remington 870 SYN has 18" with a pistol grip.

I've seen several Sporting Goods Stores selling these in TX (Bass Pro, Gander Mtn, Academy, Etc. If they weren't legal here, the "Big Guys" wouldn't be selling them here.

WalMart Used to sell them, but stopped because "They're only promoting 'Family Sporting' shotguns". (From a Mgr.)
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