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Pigeon Farm Open House for all www forum members 9 mar 13

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twice a year i visit my range and open it up to any and all website members on the www. not just one forum, but all forums that let me announce it. right now, im putting together a meet on 9 mar at my range. its a fun shoot and chat w/ a bbq kind of thing, for those of you who like to do more than post threads. its for those that like to put faces together with handles and get to shoot guns as well.
ive been doing this for a few years now and it always seems to be a pretty good time. im in the south central mo. ozarks, right smack in the middle of the usa. ive had people from chicago, houston, indiana, texas, and alabama come. so its doable. many have voiced a desire to have a shoot as well. if you all want to pitch in for targets, id be more than glad to. a 50 spot will cover it all. free instruction, a free match, free awards.
if interested, pm me for details and tickets. hope to see you!

click my link to see what awaits you!
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9 slots left gang......
it will be!

8 slots left. if you guys are wanting to learn clay shotgunning, it doesnt get any better than this folks! sign up!

8 slots left!
sundays booked.
4 openings on saturday.
let me know if youre interested.
saturday afternoon is booked now.
i got 5 openings for 10am saturday.
you guys missed a great meet. we'll try it again in oct!
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