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What would ya'll consider to be an ideal pattern at 25 yards with a defence type SG and load?
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Within a human torso give or take a flier (considering it's 00 buck)
I'd say no more than 12 inches, if that's the maximum range you might feel threatened inside your house.

Is 25 yards a likely distance you might shoot in self defense in your house? I think in my house, I'd stick with 10 yards or so, maximum.

for utdoor use, 25 yards might be a good range to pattern I guess, but I haven't taken to carrying a 12 gauge for SD yet.
With my reload buck shots (oo) Im getting about 7" group pattern at 25 yards with my m500a1. Too bad their not in a circle pattern but more of a vertical pattern. Still fooling around with packing it to see if I can get it to pattern tighter and in a circle pattern. Not too bad for using a jig-head mold for buck shots. :)
25 yards? You must have a big house.
25 yards? You must have a big house.
I don't believe the OP used the "house" word in his post.

People have been known to defend themselves in places other than their home. ;)
A good 25 yard pattern with buckshot would be around 18" to a max of 24" with even distribution. Past that distance you'll typically start to get flyers and the pattern will most likely open dramatically and become less dense and uniform.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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