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Parker Brothers GH SxS 12 Gauge Shotgun (NH)

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SOLD SOLD SOLD I have a very nice Parker Brothers GH SxS 12 gauge shotgun made in 1913 that I would like to sell.
It has 30 inch Parker Special Steel barrels and shoots great.
It has a small repaired crack in the stock. It was repaired some time in it's 100 years on this earth.
I have had the gun lettered and the letter will be sent to who ever buys the gun.
I got this shotgun as a present from my wife and it is worth alot more than what I am asking for it.
I would like to get $1500 for it or $900 plus a 45acp pistol.
If you have any questions please PM me or call or text me at 603-313-9011
All deals must be FFL to FFL or FTF here in NH. Thanks for looking


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You can see the small repaired crack in the stock in the first pic. It is near the top close to the receiver.
Man, nice shotgun, I have a GH in 10 gauge . It was my grandads, wish I had the scratch to ge this one.
Thanks man, I hope it doesn't sell. I just posted it so I could pay some of my property taxes. But if it doesn't sell soon I will have to find the money else where. And then I will be keeping it.
The property tax thing sucks, ours went up this year and my wife is bent. She got used to luxuries, like food and the roof over her head. hope it works out for you, I tried to ease into the "idea" of possibly throwing caution to the wind and taking you up on the offer. It went down in flames like a bomber over Dresden.
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Hope you find a buyer.
I am out.
Property taxes are looming here also.
I figure it costs 125.00 a month just to keep the court house from seizing this place.
Guess we never truely own a property.
I wish my Property taxes were $125 a month. They are twice that each month.
The Parker has been sold. Thanks
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