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I have a shotgun that just came into my shop that is in incredible condition. The story behind this gun (yes I have proof) That is was ordered by Fletcher Jenks and Co of Detroit, MI with Instructions to send to S.P. Stevens of Lincoln, NE on September 2, 1890 and shipped on Oct 23, 1890. According to Parker bros order book no. 28, it is a DH hammerless, 12 gauge and features a 30" Damascus steel barrel. Special instructions were: Donated by C.E.P. (Charles Eddy Parker) and engrave shield monogram S.P.S. for highest Average at Detroit Tournament Aug 25-27-28, 1890.

According to Parker Bros stock book No. 22 the stock configuration was a capped pistol grip and its specifications were Length of Pull: 15:, drop of heel: 3", weight: 7lbs 14 ounces. The chokes were patterned RH full and LH full.

I have a copy of a field and stream magazine article showing how S.P. Stevens did during all his tournaments. And another article Vol. 35 p. 119 talking about the shoot that would be happening in Detroit that Mr. Stevens won.

There is a small knick on the butt of the stock and a few small rusts spots on the barrel that will clean up nicely. The bore is beautiful.

knowing all that and seeing the pictures, can anyone help me out with a estimated value?


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