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Optics for a Slug Gun

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Just received my Hastings slug barrel today and much to my suprise, it has a cantilever mount. I thought it was just going to have rifle sights, so now I have questions. I've never looked at shotgun optics but I'm sure there are specific appliatiosn, I can only imagine putting a nice rifle scope on it only to ruin it with the recoil.

I'm not looking to shoot 1/4 of a mile, but with a nice sabot slug I'd expect to take 150-200 yard shot. Anyone have experience and recommendations?
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Don't really have a lot of experience with rifle slugs but my post can work as a bump I suppose. I live in the mountains of North Carolina so everything is basically in bow range anyway so i'm just shooting a smooth bore barrel with a tasco red-dot scope. It's held up to the recoil of ~25 2-3/4 slugs and maintained zero so far, sighted at 65 yards. Basically I only run that configuration from a week before deer gun season to the last day so I kinda went cheap because 75% of the year my gun is doing other duty. Good luck with your search for optics.
Thanks, my 870 pulls other duty 90% of the year (clay, bird, HD) as well hence the extra barrell. I'll probably go to my in-laws for deer next year and its all farm land. A 200 yard shot might be the best I can get.
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I have used this scope on a Remington 870 Slug gun, A NEF Ultra Slug hunter and a Muzzleloading rifle and it has held up great.
It is a good scope for the money and performs good for the distances I shoot.
I sight my slug guns at 100 yards and will shoot out to 125 if everything is right including a good rest.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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