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One of my Saiga 12's

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The newest completed S12... Getting ready for 3 gun!
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Am I the only one who finds this, and other threads like it, a bit person carrying on a multiple person conversation thru a series of posts? What is going on here?
Thanks for responding, I was begining to think I was the only one who noticed the one person debates.
No, We see it happening here all the time. It beats talking to yourself !
No Ive seen alot here as well. Odd, but I think it may be a glitch.
Well at least the post count didn't change. Speaking of the count does anyone else find it strange to have over 12,000 posts when that total would be more than the combined sum of every post of every member of the forum.

things that make you scratch your butt and say hummmmmm
many of the posts are copied/pasted from older other forums I think?

I no longer see any picture here either of said Saiga
Multiple personality syndrome maybe? LOL They are older posts from other forums to generate conversations. I questioned it too when I first got here.:D
the old website turned to toast so one guy reloaded all memory on to this website.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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