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Old Springfield single-shot break action 20 gauge

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Hello all. Hoping I can get some helpful feedback on the age of this gun.

The gun had belonged to my dad. His father got it for him about the year 1936-7. He told me once that he believed it was several years old even at that time. He used it to hunt squirrels as a kid.

The gun was taken apart years ago and has never been put back together. (long story I won't bore you with).
The only markings I can find are as follows
On the action reads - Springfield Arms Company, Chicopee Falls, Mass. U.S.A.
On Barrel reads - Proof Tested 20 GA, Barrel and Lug Forged in One Piece.
On bottom of barrel in area hidden by forestock there are several letters and numbers arranged as follows -

Those are the only markings I can seem to find.

Thank you
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After researching, it turns out that Savage-Stevens made these old Springfield shotguns. This one is what appears to be a model 94. Found image of an old 1950 parts diagram that looked like pretty much all the same parts. (94 models B,C,BT & 107B,C,BT for 12,16,20,28GA & 410) Talking to some gunshops, there's no way to date my gun exactly. Seems the dates weren't required on the guns until around the 1960's sometime. Based on when my dad received it in around 1937 and that he said it was about 20 years old even at that time, I would date it approx 1916-17. Stevens sold a bunch of these simple shotguns to farmers and such. They are pretty common. Although existing 20 GA's are a little rarer than 12 GA from what I read online somewhere. I have since had a few repairs done and missing parts replaced. Partially put back together. Hoping to get it re-blued in the near future and completely put back together. Gun smith said the hardest parts to replace are the wood and since I had all those pieces and in good condition, the gun could be restored no problem. Anyway, thanks for reading. My query has been solved.
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