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Old Springfield 12G Single Action

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Hello, I recently bought my first gun, an old shotgun I found in a little mercantile store in a tiny little town in AZ. Was just sitting at the top of the wall calling my name it seemed. It's a Springfield made by J. Stevens. I'm pretty sure it's model 94B as that is stamped on it. Also think it might have been a military gun, as it has "US" and an "8" with a distinct arch on the top of the 8. Seen on some other places that it probably means it was used in the military and the 8 signifies a flaming bomb.

I got mine for $70 which I guess is about the going rate, but that since it might have been in military use it might be worth a little more. It seems to be in pretty decent condition although not in perfect condition.

Was wondering if I should get it completely overhauled, what that would normally cost(it supposedly works, but have not tried it myself yet), should I get it blued, will doing anything major ruin the value of it, being a WW2 historical piece.

Thanks for any input!

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