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So I've got this 12ga that was given to me for fixin another 12ga for a buddy. Thing is, the one I have I had to take parts off to fix his and I got to keep it. Its a Stevens or Savage (both names are on barrel). Model 62, series 5. It needs a rebuild kit if I can find one and a new forend with the pump rails. Anyway, its sittin in my closet and I figured id do somethin with it. Any suggestions? Don't think there's any aftermarket for it and I don't think it has any value. Is it worthe fixin or should I toss it? If I can find the parts I need ill prolly just chop the barrel and the grip, homemade style. Assuming parts don't cost as much as another gun, LoL.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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