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Heres what I have in the safe 1 870 express (wood stock at the present moment in time 4+1 with a 28" VR barrel)

1 Maverick 88 5+1, 28" VR barrel synthetic furniture.

Both have now been cleaned.

What I want OAL under 30" due to a unique mi law so I can leave it loaded in my trunk.

18.5" barrel maybe longer if under 30"

I think I want a VR barrel, I use them better even if I go reflex my back up sights wouldd be VR. This is for speed not accuracy.

Shoulder stock capable (foldover/sidefolder whatever)

Shortest it can compress to 26" (mi law again)

Current plan. CHOATE Machine & Tool, Inc. - Mossberg 500/600/590 Top Folder Get installed, get the barre cut down (long as possible with a 1/2" margin of error) Sidesaddle of 6 rounds put on it. all this with the maverick 88 due to lighter and a lifted shell lifter. I catchc my finger in the shell lifter of the 870 and under stress I could see myself cutting my thumb off and therefore disabling the shotgun.

No idea what type/brand of sidesaddle to put on it need reviews.

Oh turkery fiber optic front bead.

Need thoughts pics of what you have, over 26 under 30" and operational makes the buid very odd. (yes with the stock out it can be over 30 but it would just be ilegal to open it up, but in ife or death it doesn't matter)
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