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Nice Mossberg 500 disassembly how to

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Ran across this last night. Thought it was pretty neat the way the OP did the instructions. Instructions by mini me.

Mossberg 500 Shotgun Disassembly Guide by Mini-Me - THR

Quick sample of the how to.

Howdy, I'm Mini-Evan. Today I will be your guide as we explore what's involved in tearing down and inspecting a Mossberg shotgun. If your eyes are sharp, you'll notice this specific shotgun is actually a Western Field. These were distributed by Montgomery Ward under that brand name. Like Sears, Monty Ward didn't actually make any of their specific branded products, and they were made by well-known makers. This shotgun is actually a Mossberg M550A, which is a 12-guage pump with a 5-shell magazine and wood furniture. The M500, 550, 590, and 600 should all be pretty much the same as this, and the Maverick 88 models will be similar, with a few minor changes such as the lack of a tang safety (the safety is included in the trigger group as a cross-bolt style in the Mav88) and the method of attaching the foregrip to the action bars.

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hahaha....that's great!

Needs the Gi Joe Sgt. Slaughter giving the guide..heh
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