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next? Shotgun or XDsc9?

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OK...I have a HK usp .40 compact, a few AR's, an old 22lr bolt. I'm thinking of picking something up next week or so. I want a nice shotty. Something I could hunt with if I wanted to, but mostly for home defense. I will hunt with it though. I also would like to get a SC for spring/summer carry. I'm leaning towards the shotty first. Then the 9mm towards spring. Any thoughts out there? I don't think legislations gonna take effect on autos too faast after the 20th, but I also don't want to be wrong on that. I"m not too worried about it, but it is definately in the back of my mind. so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated... Maybe some suggestions on the shotty. A nice black mossy maybe? PIcs would be great guys.
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if you already have a handgun and a few EBR's i'd get a home defense shotty.
I have a New England Pardner pump 12ga with knoxx comp stock (stocks from remington 870's work) and a simmons red dot 18inch barrel does pretty good with slugs when i go hunting and keep it under the bed with 00 buck when at home
If you are talking about having both by spring I would say do it either way lol.

Maybe get the XD first so you can shoot inside. If you hunt and its in season right now get the shotty.

Either way spring isn't too far away!
I highly recommend a Remington 870, probably the best pump shotgun pound for pound. You can get the 18" barrel for HD and then a 24"-28" for hunting.
new england pardner is basicly the same thing as the 870 as remington owns harrison Richards and there 100 dollars cheaper i have a 870 as well i use for skeet shooting the only difference i see is the pardner say made in china
Consider The Saiga 12 gage AK47?

Also consider the Saiga 12 "sporting shotgun", which basically is your ordinary, run of the mill, AK47 12 gage. Very cool. Ragged edge legal. Expensive once safely/legally modified with US parts. $800-1200.

Uses your usual 12 gage lo/high cap box magazines and 20 rd drums. Consider it an AK that throws 15 OO buck per discharge. Can also be used for sporting clays or hunting with a 2/3rd box mag. HB of CJ
I'd go for the shotgun, every home needs one....:rolleyes:

I use my semi-auto Beretta that I bird hunt with........;)

But I'd still like to get an HD specific pump for the house someday...
Mossberg 500 w/Knoxx SpecOps, absolutely love it.
I heard some of the Dems are working on a bill to ban all pistol grip based shotguns and rifles :cry: (aka assault rifles and tactical shotty)

Has anybody else got wind of this?????

Haven't heard of a ban on handguns or capacity

Everybody join and/or contribute to the NRA. Seriously
So get the tactical shotty first is my .02
I would get the Bennelli 12 guage with a SA 9mmsc for sights
iam a shotgun lover myself so no question, i just picked up a mossberg 930 spx its fantastic, :wink::p
Go buy a Remmy 11-87 witht the 3 1/2" chamber with a 28" barrel and then turn around and order an 18" barrell for defensive purposes. You will have a shotty capable of dumping ducks, turkeys and home invaders for less than a Benelli. The barrels swap out without tools.
Since you mentioned that you want to hunt with the shotty (I agree that this should be your first purchase given that you have pistols) as well as use it for home defense, I'd recommend you lean towards the Mossberg 500. It's a great weapon and barrels are easily changed (takes only seconds) and are inexpensive too.

I always advocate having multiple uses for weapons in any arsenal or weapons that can easily and inexpensively be adapted for different uses. If you were to get the Mossy500 with a 30" barrel, you'll be able to hunt with it and use it for home defense. Later, you can add the 22" or 24" barrel to make it more of a tactical version and the barrel is only about $100.

I guess because I was in the Army for so long (21 years) and served as a LLRP for 6 years, I'm still always looking for flexibility in my weapons and want them to be adaptable for any situation without having to carry several entire weapons.

Lastly, the shotty would also make for a good addition to your SHTF arsenal...
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Yes, get a shotty to go with your handgunny. :rolleyes:

Is it just me? Why does "shotty" sound so juvenile?
Sorry, I guess I believe in calling a tool by its proper name. [/rant]

That being said, did the OP indicate what type of hunting was being considered for the new shotgun? If not, that will obviously influence what is being purchased. A quick handling upland game shotgun won't necessarily come in the same as one for turkey or goose hunting. Semi-auto or pump preference? Are optics in the plan? New or used? What kind of budget is available? Tough to make a recommendation when the parameters are unknown.
Get the XD9SC and a m26 to mount on the rail! That should cover you. :grin:
a shotgun is the most versatile gun you'll ever own.
iam a shotgun lover myself so no question, i just picked up a mossberg 930 spx its fantastic, :wink::p
I love my 930 SPX as well, I use it for 3 gun competition! Never hurts having a nice shotgun with your collection...;-)
or get a taurus judge with the 3in mag chamber you got your handgun and your shotty all in one
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