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Newwave from Jersey

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Newbie to shotguns but looking for a HD gun. Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 Police. Quite a difference in price but the Remy is a beautiful gun. I'm liking the 25015 with the walnut furniture. Mossberg more basic and gritty but based on what I'm reading a great value. Like the Milspec aspect of the 590. I know, I know, I'll probably never need the super durability that comes with the 590 but I like the idea of it.

Can't decide of the 870P is worth the extra money. Any thoughts from those with lots of experience/knowledge to share? Thanks in advance.
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Hello Newwave .... from Waveform!

Good question - you may want to post a thread in the Tactical shotgun forum.

FWIW, I chose a Remington 870EXP Tactical for HD. It was less expensive than the Police 870 but still a rock solid 870. Plus it came with the extended magazine, Ghost Ring sights and pretty vicious looking barrel. Pretty much rigged out of the box for under $500.

The Police 870 is a great shotgun but I don't know if HD warrants the added expense. Just my 2 cents......

Welcome from Colorado.

I agree with Wave. If this is a dedicated HD gun, then do you want to spend lots of $$ for something that hopefully you will never use? On the other hand, if you hunt or shoot skeet or trap, then you might consider getting additional barrels. For HD, reliability is all that matters. But at the range, style scores points as well.
Welocme! I have a 870 I use for pheasants and love it. Getting a bto EXP Tactical this week. Lots of extras for sub $500.
Welcome from Florida.
Remember - a bird gun can be used for self defense just as well as a "tacticool" one.
Went ahead and pulled the trigger on the Remington 870P Magnum; got the 24417. I just liked it better than the Mossberg 590SP and A1 although they were nice too. The Rem seemed to have a smoother action and little better looks. Also bought 100 rounds to put through it this weekend; a mix of 00, #6 along with some #8 that I had laying around.
Something to consider is in a post shoot the cops may very well take the gun as evidence, and uncleaned it may sit in an evidence locker quite some time, possibly gaining some rust. This was my thinking in going with a Moss 500 for my bedside gun, it's basic, cheaper and a little rust can be cleaned off. In my opinion it's a fine little weapon and not gritty at all
Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state.:cool:
Welcome to the site!
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