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Hello all, I was over at Marlin Firearms Forum and I saw the banner for this forum so I signed on up.

A little bit about myself....
I am a mid 20s outdoors man living in Northwest North Carolina. I currently work at a Camp. I was in charge of our trap shooting program this past spring and fall and have finally gotten where I really enjoy shotgun shooting. I have been shooting a long time, mostly rimfire rifles, and have very little experience with other firearms. But I recently came into ownership of a rather nice Iver Johnson Champion 12guage and this has really peaked my interest in scatter guns.

I know I don't know a lot about shotguns (or most firearms for that matter), but I enjoy when I get to shoot all of them.
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Welcome, I suspect you'll learn a lot here about shotties
Howdy and welcome.
Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state.:cool:
Welcome to the site from the heart of the Bluegrass!
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