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I just bought a barely used Cynergy field. Took it out and loved it, but the top ejector didn't eject the shells.

Took off the forearm and the shear link fell out, but no other parts for that one side ( right as you look from the rear of the forearm ).

I called Browning but they weren't much help at all! Kept saying, send it in for repair, we can't tell you anything.

All I wanted to know was what parts I needed to order.. from the schematic, it appears to be the shear, linkage spring, and shear adjustment screw.

I'm a little bummed since I was excited over this - my first ever 12 gauge o/u to use for trap. I even ordered a modified choke and a short recoil pad ( came with 2 full / 2 IC / and 1 cyl ) .

Of course, Browning said it requires a gunsmith to fit the shear .. so now I'm thinking it needs to be "trimmed to fit?" ..

I would love to know how much Browning would charge if I shipped it to them for repair, but I figure all I'll get is they can't say until they see it. Debating to bring it to a gunsmith or ship it in.

But just how common would it be for the shear parts to fall out??
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