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New Remington 870 P-MAX

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Just picked up my new Remington 870 P-MAX, 12 ga. Has the extended Mag Tube and the Surefire Forend. Mesa Tactical saddle shell holder on order. Hope to get to the range this weekend and give her a good test!

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Nice! I have the same gun, well almost, started as a 4449 added a factory parked 2 shot tube and the surefire fore end, but I do not like PG stocks, so I stuck with a std speedfeed with tube storage. I am sure you will enjoy your new shotgun. Congrats.
Well, I shot it yesterday. All Walmart had in OO buck were 3" Magnum loads. Still looking for my shoulder! Have some low recoil loads ordered. May switch the stock to a Mesa Tactical recoil reducing one. The ghost sights worked great.....
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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