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new remington 870 express

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i just bought a new shottie and put a few rounds threw it did ok but it was hard to load the fourth shell and it failed to eject one of the empties completely was hanging out.

should i replace the follower in the mag tube? did i not bring the forend back far enough when ejecting?

i was using win super-x 2 3/4 00-buckshots

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Since its new I would shoot it some more. How many rounds have ya put through it?

I bought a 870 express last year at this time, and I usually shoot the 7 1/2 shot they have at wally world, the 100 rounds for like $22 or so. I havent really had any problems.
Clean the crap out of it and give her a good oil job. Should take care of the problem but it is possible that you are short stroking it to so keep that in mind.
we shot about 30 rounds with it.that was the first time out.ill give it another cleaning and oil it up.hopefully it just needs to break in abit
They don't need much lubing at all.

For what it's worth, mine will not eject cheap Winchester trap loads very well.
They don't need much lubing at all.

For what it's worth, mine will not eject cheap Winchester trap loads very well.
A lightly polished chamber will make it eat anything, even the cheap stuff from Wmart.
All i have shot has been the cheap stuff from wally world the remington sport loads and i just got some Federal sport loads.
Butters, does yours have the factory mag extension tube? IF so there are problems with the installation on those, I just got an 870 express with the 18.5 barrel and +2 extension and had the same problem. Once I reinstalled it properly no problems.
have you unscrewed the barrel and taken the magazine plug out?

as for the empty sticking, the Super x buckshot isn't quite premium stuff. Probably had a shell bulging in it. it happens on buckshot more than any other stuff it seems.
Actually, I've never had winchesters stick.

That's pretty much all I shoot is winchester shotgun ammo, and I've never had one stick in my guns. Look in the chamber to see if it's smooth, and clean. Seen shotguns with problems like that, and the problem is usually they're dirty. I know my new mossberg barrel came with some sort of cosmoline/preservative grease stuff in it, but I cleaned it first. Did you clean it before firing?
the Super X isn't bad. My mossberg has 5 in the tube right now.

but the shells bulge more than some of the premium stuff. Look at a PDX1 and a Super X hull and tell me there's not a difference.
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