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New member from Northern Idaho

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I'm coming over from an invite at the S&W forum.
I'm a moderator over there, and really enjoy the friendships and open conversations.

When it comes to shotguns I own a few, but really have never been much of a shotgunner. Hopefully my questions won't make you laugh too hard when they come up. I have a friend that's a serious Trap shooter and it's piqued my interest in learning to shoot trap too. I picked up a couple shotguns for that, but haven't found time for the range yet. Hopefully I'll be able to learn from you all as the forum grows.

I'll stop by as often as I can.

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Welcome to the forum!
Welcome aboard from Florida the "GunShine" state. :cool:
Man gearchecker, they will let anyone in here it looks like, after all, here I am!!!

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Welcome to the forum,

Hey there GC!
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