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New From Michigan

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I live in the tip of the mitten in northeast lower peninsula of Michigan. 80 miles from the Big Mac Bridge. Cruised in here from either S&W or Marlin Owners Forum. I bought an Eastern Arms 20 ga. single shot from an uncle in 1957 and that was my only shotty until last month when I decided that I needed a 12 ga. Before the week was over, I had 2 Mossberg 500's and a 590A1. Got that under control and now have one 500 with 18.5" & 27" ribbed barrels. Exchanged the OEM synthetic stocks for wood an really love it. I'm keeping the 18.5" barrel on in for home defense even though there is seldom a handgun out of reach. :)
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Hey PackinPreacher - glad to see you here. Welcome from down in Florida.
Hey Preacher..
Higgins Lake?
Kalamazoo here
Welcome to the site!
Howdy and welcome
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