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New/First Shotgun x2

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My wife and I are looking to get shotguns for pheasant, turkey, clay etc... shooting and I'm looking for more thoughts. I've tried to do a lot of research, but I've hit a brick wall on making the final choice(s).

As of now I between a SuperNova and a 870 (Wingmaster or Super Magnum).

Now my wife on the other hand needs a compact, youth model, or semiauto because of her size (5'2).

I've read and heard you really can't go wrong with either, just wonder if anyone knows of a reason to go with one over the other barring personal preference.

Also 3.5 chamber, when is it needed?

We were shown a Beretta semiauto (3901 I think) for around $700 any thought on that particular semi or any others in the $700 price range?

Anyone have experience with a youth/compact versus full size semiauto?
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I cannot give pros or cons, however i can tell you i have had an 870 for about 20 years, have hunted birds with it religously and it has never failed me!
You'll be hard pressed to find a signle shotgun that does all of those things well.

I'm a moderator on the • Index page forum. While the forum is brand-specific, much like this one, you'll find good, relatively un-biased discussions of shotguns in general there. It might be worth your time to sign up and ask a few questions.
If your hunting mainly pheasants and shooting clays i would prefer a semi personally. I waterfowl hunt a lot and a semi while wing shooting is the way to go. However if not, I have a Rem 870 youth 20ga that was my first shotgun. Short stock and short barrel...its handy to carry, and i still do from time to time. My main hunting gun is a Browning gold 3.5".

Having said that i will say if your going with a pump you cant beat an 870. And if you go with an 870 its fairly punishing to shoot 3.5 turkey loads. I have an 870 in came synthetic as well that i retired when i bought the Browing. Shooting 3.5 magnum loads at a target was plain brutal. Im talking I almost had a black eye the first time i did it as the gun is so light with synthetic and a short barrel. Turkey hunting would be the only time you would possibly want a 3.5" mag...I still shoot them, but out of the Gold its manageable. I have killed plenty of turkeys with 3" mags.

I have also shot a Beretta 390 and for the money i think its a great gun. There are some Beretta quirks that you have to get used to, but other than that they make great shotguns.

I hope you got some info out of my rambling. If you have specific questions shoot them at me...I have multiple shotguns (also have a Rem 11-87 and a Browning A-5) and grew up hunting.
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If you are looking at the Nova/Super Nova take a look at the Stoeger P350. Almost the same gun for 299 out the door and it has ever choke you will ever need. Very smooth shooting. And most of the Nova stuff will work on it. Stoeger and Benelli are owned by the same overal company. Damn nice gun. I'm wanting to pick one up sometime. After shooting my brother's I'm in love with it.
I recommend a Beretta AL391 for you.
As for your wife, I have a Remington 11-87 Premier 20 gauge with less than a hundred rounds through it. If you are in the 6th, we are pretty close for you to come look at it. It is a sweet little gun and we can go to the gun club 5 miles away to try it out. PM me if you are interested.
We ended up getting 870s, Super Mag combo for me, and a youth 20 for her.

We are just starting out and geting 2 (or 3 if you count the extra barrel) for the cost of 1 semiauto or higher end pump was to much to resist.

But, nothing would be stippoing me from getting another shotgun in the future (except for all the other things on "the list" AR-15, 1911, etc...)
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